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A Skilled Trade School for Ohio and Pennsylvania

The New Castle School of Trades |

A Dedication to Excellence

New Castle School of Trades has more than 70 years of experience training skilled technicians, allowing us to develop and refine our instruction methods over decades while keeping our sights set firmly on the future.

We know that when you’re looking for trade schools in the Pennsylvania and Ohio area you want to find a knowledgeable institution with the most up-to-date and sophisticated equipment available. NCST has all of that and more.

Welcome to the New Castle School of Trades. We’re ready to start you on an exciting new path!

Available Programs

Whether you’re just beginning to learn about the trade school experience or you know precisely what you’re looking for out of an Ohio/Pennsylvania trade school, our comprehensive NCST website will help guide you to where you need to be.
You have your options when it comes to technical schools in the Ohio and Pennsylvania area, but we’re confident that our extensive catalog of courses and expert instructors will meet all of your needs.

NCST Anthony DeMarco

Select from these great programs:

  • Automotive Technology – Our program uses only the most up-to-date and industry-standard equipment in our courses. In just 60 weeks, you’ll be ready for a thriving career field.
  • Building Technology – The graduates of this program go on to work in commercial and residential construction and contracting. A great fit for those seeking a managerial position.
  • Combination Welding – Experienced welding instructors teach our students how to utilize electric arc welders, gas metal arc welders, oxy fuel cutters and hydraulic shears among many other vital tools.
  • Industrial Maintenance – Students entering this field will regularly work with boilers, electrical systems, electric motors, PLC’s, precision measuring tools, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.
  • Commercial Truck Driving – As a licensed truck driver, you’ll have access to positions like tractor trailer driver, delivery truck driver and dump truck operator. Best yet, we’ll get you on the road in only a few weeks.
  • Construction Trades – By completing this program you’ll receive a strong background in roofing, masonry, home inspection, drywall and carpentry, among other skilled trades.
  • Diesel and Heavy Equipment Repair Technology – In this program, you’ll be working with only the most sophisticated repair equipment, including electronic circuit testing tools and meters, diagnostic computer scanners, and engine and fuel injection testing equipment.
  • Electrical Technology – A thriving career as an electrician is within your grasp with this thorough program. Our instructors will give you the know-how to work with oscilloscopes, motor control equipment, digital power supplies and conduit benders, as well as many other fundamental tools.
  • Heavy Equipment Operations – Our nine-month curriculum will set you on the path to working with vital construction equipment like bulldozers, backhoes, telehandlers and excavators.
  • Machinist Technology – Your CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining training will allow you to work with metals, plastics and other important industrial materials, and our instructors will cover topics like milling and lathe operations, turning center basics and offsets.
  • Motorcycle & Power Equipment Technology – Our comprehensive courses will give you the knowledge to repair and maintain motorcycles, ATVs, motorboats, lawn mowers, riding tractors, snowmobiles and chainsaws.
  • Refrigeration/AC Technology – This program immerses our students in an electrical background for refrigeration and heating and cooling technologies. Upon graduation, you will be qualified to work with walk-in and commercial coolers and freezers, heat pumps, central A/C units and furnaces, among many other possibilities.
  • Industrial Maintenance With Wind & Solar Technology – This program, focusing on alternative energy systems, allows students to get a step ahead in an exciting and emerging field. Students will be well versed in plumbing, electrical systems, industrial mechanics, and heating and cooling systems in commercial and industrial settings.

Once you find the program that’s right for you, you’ll want to learn how trade and tech schools prepare you to be a highly demanded individual.

Our career training resource is also a great tool for discovering the path you’ll be blazing at NCST.

Those in the armed forces will want to learn about NCST’s dedication to being a military-friendly school, and those who require financial assistancewill want to take a look at the assistance programs we offer.

Separating Ourselves From Other Technical Schools in PA and Ohio

For the last 70 years, New Castle School of Trades has been helping Pennsylvania and Ohio residents just like you get the training and hands-on expertise they need to prepare for an exciting new career in a booming field.

We know what employers are looking for and what they value in an employee. NCST will not only help you meet those needs, but we will provide you with the necessary job placement assistance that makes finding a new job easier.

As an experienced trade school in Pennsylvania, we’ve helped thousands of people find new careers. Let us help you today!

NCST Chris Gregory

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Trade School Benefits

When planning how to start your career it is important to make good decisions early on as these will pave the way for your success as a skilled tradesman.

Attending a trade school is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a career in the trades. There are several paths you can take when entering a career but the unique benefits of trade schools can give you short- and long-term advantages.

Read on to discover trade school benefits and how they relate to your personal career path.

 Structured Course of Study

Your trade school instructors will follow a certified and nationally recognized curriculum and this one of the great trade school benefits that can sometimes be overlooked.

When you do “on the job training” you are at the mercy of your coworkers and the types of jobs that are available. Rarely will you find a mentor or supervisor in the workplace who is as good at teaching as a trained instructor. Your on-the-job mentor will be under pressure to complete his work in a timely manner, and this could lead to you spending more time fetching and carrying for him than actually learning.

The learning opportunities offered by real job sites will also be limited. A good mentor will try to give you broad instruction but he only has what is at hand to work with. This can lead to gaps in your training and experience.

One of the great advantages of trade schools is that the instructors are real teachers, as well as industry professionals. They understand how to teach new workers both theory and application in an interesting and understandable way. They will ensure you receive instruction in all aspects of your trade without having to rely only on available work.

NCST Chris Hoffman

Hands on Experience

Working in a skilled trade means using your mind and body together to accomplish tasks. While attending a trade school, you will receive hands on training along with your classroom study.

This will expose you to what doing the work is really like without time constraints or concerns about wasting material. You are given the time and opportunity to test, try and master each step of the process with a skilled instructor to help you.


Most new tradesmen are anxious to get into the workforce so they can increase their skills, build their experience and start making money.

The time-saving benefits of trade schools are significant. You can earn a specialized AST degree from attending a trade school and two or three years of real work experience in the time it would take you to complete an apprenticeship. This means you get to start working at a high level sooner.

Camaraderie and Networking

The chance to work with people who are interested in and studying the same things you are is a benefit of attending a trade school.

Good trade schools are able to keep classes small so you can become well acquainted with classmates and learn from them, as well as the instructor. It is an added bonus that your classmates may become your coworkers in the future. Those who go on to work at other companies could represent valuable networking relationships for you in the future.

Invest in Yourself

Deciding on a career is an important choice and the best opportunity you will ever have to invest in yourself. You will always be your own greatest asset so it only makes sense to give yourself all the advantages of trade schools and what they have to offer.

If you’re interested in attending learning more about New Castle School of Trades, call 1-800-837-8299 to speak with an admissions representative who can answer all of your questions. 

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